Delhomme Hurt, What Does This Mean For The Browns?

When Jake Delhomme started limping on the field last Sunday, it was noticeable and Browns fans started to ask themselves what was next. This was not an unfamiliar sight for Browns fans to see as injuries early on in the season plagued the careers of former quarterbacks Tim Couch, Derek Anderson, Jeff Garcia, Trent Dilfer, and Brady Quinn. As Delhomme limped through the rest of the game, Browns fans wondered if it was deja vu all over again.

Delhomme had an MRI done this week and has missed practice. His ankle remains in a walking boot and backup quaterback Seneca Wallace has been taking more reps in practice. Head coach Eric Mangini has not completely ruled Delhomme out as the starter but it’s unlikely the veteran quaterback will play.

The season is still young and resting Delhomme might not be a bad idea in some instances. This will give Delhomme a chance to heal, build the strength up in his ankle and provide Wallace with a chance to lead the Browns offense on the field. If Delhomme is healthy later on down the stretch, the Browns will have a veteran quarterback with experience in a tough division at a key point of the season.

In the offseason, Wallace was brought in with a trade for a reason. Browns President Mile Holmgren would not have bothered to bring Wallace in if he could not be a fit for the Browns and be successful on the field. Wallace has looked good in preseason, helped the Seahawks last season as a backup and has lots of offensive weapons and the wildcat to work with on the Browns offense. Wallace seemed comfortable in the wildcat on Sunday and will have a leader in Josh Cribbs on the field with him.

For Sunday, the Browns will have to make a decision who starts and this decision could pave the way for how the season might progress.


~ by jeffrsabo on September 17, 2010.

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