Thoughts From the Browns Last Preseason Game

Below are some thoughts I had during the last preseason game the Browns had on Thursday against the Chicago Bears:

1) Colt McCoy was jittery at first but settled down- McCoy fumbled the snap on the Browns first possession and had trouble getting the offense going in the first quarter. Once McCoy settled down, he was able to relax more in the pocket and find open receivers

2) Colt McCoy has the benefit of having two reliable starters ahead of him – Unlike many of his predecessors, McCoy will most likely not have to be thrown in to start a regular season game unless Seneca Wallace and Jake Delhomme both get injured. McCoy will be able to learn the NFL game and the Browns offense during his first couple years in the NFL while other young quarterbacks that have come through Cleveland such as Tim Couch, Charlie Frye, and Brady Quinn were thrown into the starting lineup early on. McCoy doesn’t have the franchise on his shoulders and will have an opportunity to learn the NFL.

3) Montario Hardesty looked impressive before he got injured- Fans got to see how talented Hardesty is in the first half when the running back found several open holes and was a tough player to tackle.

4) Questions still remain as to why the Browns drafted the injury prone Hardesty- When Hardesty went down, it was not an unfamiliar sight for those who followed him in his college career. Hardesty had injury troubles in college and the Browns did trade up in order to get him in the draft. Hardesty has talent but the chances don’t look good that the Browns gamble to draft him will pay off.

5) Running Back James Davis was impressive and is trying to prove he belongs in the NFL – With Hardesty out with an injury, Davis could see some more playing time this season. Jerome Harrison and Peyton Hillis are also on the roster but Davis had a good preseason game against the Bears and putting him in may be a shot worth taking early on in the regular season. Davis has stepped up when needed and could be a viable part of the Browns offense if given a chance.


~ by jeffrsabo on September 4, 2010.

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