Brian Kelly Will Need To Prove Himself Early and Later on at Notre Dame

A new era in Notre Dame football will begin today when the Fighting Irish take on the Purdue Boilermakers. It will be Brian Kelly’s first game as head coach of the Irish and there will be lots of pressure to perform well early on and later on down the line. Kelly may win today but will have to prove later on he can continue to build and restore Notre Dame’s football program.

Months ago, Kelly inherited a team that struggled the last couple seasons under previous head coach Charlie Weis. Even though Weis was impressive early on in his tenure at Notre Dame, he failed to produce a winning program after Brady Quinn, Jeff Samardzija, Tom Zbikowski, and several other key players from his first season left. Once these players were gone, Weis could never repeat the success he enjoyed during his first season as the Irish head coach and could not build the program like he was supposed to.

If Kelly wants to succeed, he will have to do better then what Weis could do after his first season. Kelly will need to bring in recruits that will help build the program back to a national powerhouse and be able to win key games during the season. Kelly will need to have not just a good program but a great program with top notch recruits year in and year out and produce results on the field. The Irish were too inconsistent under Weis and Kelly will need to bring consistency to the program.

Even though Kelly is inheriting a program that needs restructuring, he proved he could turn a program around while at the University of Cincinnati. Kelly took that program and helped achieve an undefeated season last year and only lost six times in four seasons there. Kelly understands what it takes to revive a program and knows what Notre Dame needs to do to become competitive again. Kelly has experience with reviving struggling programs and can put a plan in place to make the Irish competitive again for years to come.

During the past several years, Notre Dame has needed a coach that can build a lasting program for a long time and Brian Kelly needs to prove that during his tenure. Unlike his predecessors, Kelly will need to prove he can build a winning team year after year and have consistency. Kelly’s experience proves he has the capability to revive a program but he will have a bit more pressure on him this time around.


~ by jeffrsabo on September 4, 2010.

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