Furyk’s Oversleeping Could Be a Lesson to Other Golfers

Jim Furyk’s iPhone didn’t go off in the morning like it should have last week. Furyk had his alarm set on his iPhone so he would not miss his 7:30am tee time for the Barclays, however, the alarm did not go off. The charger accidentally was pulled out of the wall and Furyk missed his tee time and was disqualified.

Furyk and other golfers have dismissed the rule as being astatine, however, he and several other golfers are lucky in the fact they make their living by playing professional golf. Furyk earns his paycheck and income by swinging a golf club and even though he was disqualified, he will get the opportunity to play in other tournaments. While others can lose their jobs for showing up late for work or not at all, Furyk still has the opportunity to earn his living as a professional golfer despite the disqualification. Furyk is not banned from golf entirely and can win money at other tournaments.

Even though the iPhone Furyk possesses has an alarm, other precautions could have been taken to ensure he could show up on time. The hotel he was staying at probably had alarm clocks he could have set as a backup, wake up calls and he could have even gotten help from his caddy. Furyk could have utilized these tools and even had his caddy call to the front desk or knock on the door if he was not at the golf course by a certain time. Furyk had other options to help him get up on time for his scheduled start and could have used these in addition to the iPhone  but did not use them to make sure he was up on time.

While the rule did not apply to everyone in this particular tournament, not punishing Furyk for showing up late will send a message to other golfers on the PGA Tour. Being made an example out of will not be easy for Furyk but his disqualification will let other golfers know they can be disqualified for showing up late as well. This could help prevent other golfers from showing up late, missing their tee times and getting disqualified because of Furyk’s disqualification. This incident sent the message that not everyone is exempt and getting disqualified can happen.

Furyk’s inability to get up on time was an unfortunate instance but his misfortune could be a lesson for him and other golfers on the tour.


~ by jeffrsabo on August 29, 2010.

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