A Trip to Huntington Park in Columbus

A key part of enjoying a baseball game is the atmosphere that is created inside the ballpark. Whether you are going to a Major League stadium or your local minor league park, the atmosphere inside the ballpark is what adds to the enjoyment of watching a summer ballgame.

Prior to moving into Huntington Park in the Arena District, the Columbus Clippers had a great atmosphere at their games when they played at old Cooper Stadium, also known as “The Coop.” Cooper Stadium was an old ballpark but it was cozy, the seats were close to the action and it was a fun place to watch a game. Fans enjoyed going to Cooper Stadium for a fun night out and even if you weren’t a fan for the team in which the Clippers were affiliated with, you couldn’t help but cheer the Clippers on.

Last season, I made my first trip to Huntington Park and was amazed at the structure of the place. It seemed as if no matter where you walked, there was a good view of the field, you could get close to the action and fans were excited to be there. It wasn’t quite the atmosphere that Progressive Field had when it opened its doors in 1994 for the Cleveland Indians but you could tell fans were excited to enter this new ballpark.

Being an avid baseball fan and having gone to many Clippers games during my four years at Otterbein College, I couldn’t help but want to make another trip down there to see the team and Huntington Park. With my friends Jason and Vince by my side, I made the trek from Cleveland to Columbus again to experience another Clippers game inside Huntington Park.

During my second visit to Huntington Park, I couldn’t help but notice how the ballpark reminded me of other stadiums I have been to and watched games at. The short distance from home plate to the right field line reminded me of Wrigley Field a bit and it was fun watching players belt home runs over to that side of the field. There were more fans inside the ballpark and while Cooper Stadium would attract a decent sized crowd, the excitement seemed more amplified. I couldn’t help but think of how the amplified excitement reminded me of going to St. Louis Cardinals games in the new Busch Stadium and it definitely added to the atmosphere to Huntington Park.

Being able to see the field and being close to the action is a key part of watching a ballgame and at Huntington Park, it was difficult to find a bad view. When I was standing with Jason and Vince for a couple of innings on the left field side in Section 23 of the park, it was easy to see home plate and watch the action going on the field. We eventually moved to the bleachers and it still felt like you were close enough to the game to keep close tabs on what was going on.

I still miss Cooper Stadium but enjoy going to ballgames inside Huntington Park to watch the Clippers. While the ballpark doesn’t have the old, vintage style “The Coop” had, the atmosphere is amplified a bit and creates the enjoyable experience of watching the Clippers play.


~ by jeffrsabo on July 25, 2010.

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