Looking at Lebron James Through the Eyes of Harry Potter

Watching Lebron James on ESPN for “The Decision” was difficult for many Cleveland Cavaliers fans. Even though word had somewhat leaked out earlier that day that “King” James was going to Miami, the announcement still hurt and ripped through the hearts of not only Cavaliers fans but fans in Chicago, New York, New Jersey and Los Angeles. Unless you are a Miami Heat fan, hearing Lebron tell a national television audience that he was going south was a hard punch to take.

Not even 24 hours after “The Decision” was announced, someone asked me a question that had been rattling in my mind:

“Is Lebron the next Voldemort?”

For those of you who are unfamiliar with who this person was talking about, Voldemort is a character from the Harry Potter book and movie series who is hated by all the wizards. Voldemort is known as “he who shall not be named” in the earlier books due to his status as a villain. The characters in the book hate talking about Voldemort and can’t stand even thinking about him.

Even though the Harry Potter characters are fiction and Lebron James is a real person, I couldn’t help but think of the similarities of how the two are similar. Since announcing his plans to move on, Lebron went from fan favorite to villain and Cavaliers fans can’t even stand the sight or sound of his name. Similar to Voldemort, Lebron’s name has a negative connotation to Cavaliers fans these days and mentioning his name in normal conversation will no doubt bring back hurt feelings for years to come. Stores in Cleveland can’t sell the remaining Lebron merchandise available, the Cavaliers team shop removed all merchandise related to “King” James and bars in Cleveland are offering free beers to people who are willing to burn or shred their Leborn merchandise in public. The characters in the Harry Potter books and movies feel hatred towards Voldemort and Cavaliers fans feel almost the same pain.

Unlike Voldemort, Lebron didn’t kill anyone (like Voldemort has done in the books) but will be hated wherever he goes. Voldemort is hated by every wizard on the planet in the Harry Potter books and Lebron won’t be a popular guy in several NBA cities. Teams he didn’t bother calling (including the Cavalier) are upset at the way Lebron handled the situation and other NBA players have been calling him out as well. Knicks, Nets, Bulls, and even Los Angeles Clippers fans have felt the pain of learning Lebron’s decision after he forced all these teams to travel to Cleveland to meet with him. Fans from these teams, from the average person to celebrities like Jay-Z (a close friend of Lebron), and film director Spike Lee (a die-hard Knicks fan). Lebron will no doubt feel the same backlash Voldemort gets for his actions from these fans and from several different NBA cities he goes to because of his villainous persona.

While the Harry Potter series is considered to be one of the most creative and imaginative works out there, it might be a good thing that NBA fans don’t have the same powers wizards have. If NBA fans were not muggles (a term used in the books to describe people without wizard powers, who knows what the city of downtown Cleveland or Lebron’s home in Akron, Ohio would have looked like if these fans had potions and spells that could blow things up. There is no question these fans would use their Quidditch brooms (Quidditch is a sport that is played in the Harry Potter books using magic brooms) to attack Lebron’s house and maybe even take out Art Modell along the way (for those of you who do not know who this fiend is, Modell reached Voldemort status when he moved the original Cleveland Browns franchise out of Cleveland. Modell was slimy before making the move and many Clevelanders, including comedian Drew Carey, still tell everyone they have to “take a Modell” before going to the bathroom).

Not matter how far Lebron goes, he will be a villain in the eyes of Cavaliers fans and they will never forgive him. While the characters in the Harry Potter books are fictional, the same pain felt towards Voldemort is similar to what Cavaliers and other NBA fans are feeling towards Lebron.


~ by jeffrsabo on July 9, 2010.

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