A Cleveland Indians Fan in Philadelphia: A Reflection

Bridget Kelley

Guest Columnist

On Tuesday June 22, 2010 myself and 3 other friends boarded the Broad Street Line subway to Pattison.  We were on our way to Citizen’s Bank Park the home of the Philadelphia Phillies more commonly known as “The Bank” to Philadelphia area residents.  This game was a great experience for me.  Not only was I able to watch my adopted National League baseball team, a team that I have come to love over the past year of living in Philadelphia.  But, I was also able to watch them play my hometown baseball team the Cleveland Indians.

I had moved from the suburbs of Cleveland, Medina to be exact to Philadelphia in July 2009.  My moving to Philadelphia coincided with the Indians trading Cliff Lee and Ben Francisco to the Phillies.  I became a Phillies fan from that point on.  I now had a real interest in the Phillies.  I cheered on the Phillies when they won the World Series in 2008.  Being a Phillies fan is somewhat in my blood having a Dad who spent his middle and high school years in Philly and still calls it his hometown.

I was swept up with the fact that the Phillies were in the playoffs and had a shot to be the first National League team to repeat as World Series Champs since the Cincinnati Reds, plus they were playing the Yankees and no one likes the Yankees besides the Yankees fans.  I was already in love with Cliff Lee after seeing him play in an Indians uniform and winning the American League Cy Young Award.  It was just a matter of time before the rest of Philly felt the same way about Cliff that I did.

During my time in Philadelphia the Phillies roster has stayed pretty steady especially in comparison to the Indians.  The Phillies traded Cliff Lee for Roy Halladay and signed a new 3rd baseman.  Meanwhile back in Cleveland the Indians began yet another rebuilding year.  How many rebuilding years have we had over the Mark Shapiro and John Heart eras of the Indians?  It feels like every year is a rebuilding year in Cleveland.

While riding the Broad Street Line I saw many people wearing Indians shirts.  I wore my Indians t-shirt to work.  I saw Sizemore and Hafner shirts.   A Phillies fan was wearing a Jim Thome jersey.  I still can’t handle that sight and it has been how many years.

I walked into “The Bank” and it had the atmosphere of the 1990s version of “The Jake”.   I looked at the Indians line-up on the Jumbotron and only recognized one name since Grady Sizemore is on the DL and Travis Hafner was not playing.  The one name that I recognized was Jhonny Peralta.  How many changes can a baseball team make in one calendar year?

I couldn’t wait for the Phillies to take the field and see the Indians bat.  I was probably one of the most excited people in the ball park to see the Indians 1st base coach Sandy Alomar.  I remember Sandy fondly from his years as catcher for the Indians.  When the game ended with Jhonny Peralta striking out and Brad Lidge adding yet another save to his record, I was happy to see the Phillies win but also would have loved to see the Indians win.


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