Trip To Stanley Cup Fiinals Has Been A Long Road for Blackhawks Fans

The Chicago Blackhawks were joyous after sweeping the San Jose Sharks to earn the right to play in the Stanley Cup Finals. The team had worked hard during the regular season and it was finally their time to play for the right to hoist Lord Stanley’s Cup.

Before the Blackhawks left the ice after celebrating their victory Sunday, they saluted a group of people who had been with them through the good and the bad; the fans. The players they have now have brought glory back to a franchise that was beaten down and the fans deserve credit for their perseverance.

The Blackhawks have not gone to the Stanley Cup Finals since 1992, where they lost to the Pittsburgh Penguins, and have had a rough road since that time. The core players who made up that roster, Jeremy Roenick, Chris Chelios and Ed Belfour, stayed for a few more years but could not bring the team back to the finals. After these players left, the team won’t downwards and were lucky to be competing for a playoff spot by the time March and April rolled around.

Despite the bad times, fans still came to the arena and waited patiently for the team to rebound. In some instances, they had no choice because the only way to catch a Blackhawks game was in person or on the radio because the late Bill Wirtz, who owned the team, refused to put the team on local television.

After Wirtz’s death, his son Rocky took over the team and started to pave the path to build a team the fans could cheer around. The Blackhawks were put on local television, Rocky kept on Dale Tallon as General Manager and did away with long, drawn out organ music that made the games feel like a funeral.

With Rocky’s guidance and willingness to spend money, the team was able to bring Jonathon Towes, Patrick Kane, Antii Niemi, and Patrick Sharp to the team. The team was finally spending money on talent and by playing loud music to attract younger fans, the Blackhawks became something fans could be proud to watch.

The Blackhawks have long waited for another chance to hoist the Stanley Cup and if they win, the fans should have a chance to hoist it and celebrate with them.

~ by jeffrsabo on May 25, 2010.

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  1. Go Flyers!

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