Cavaliers Will Begin Next Season With New Coach

The Cleveland Cavaliers are planning to move forward with their plans to build a championship team and next season, it will move forward with a new head coach.

Late Sunday evening, the Cleveland Cavaliers fired head coach Mike Brown after five seasons with the team. The move came to not much surprise as speculation and rumors concerning Brown’s future with the team swirled sports pages and Internet blogs since the Cavaliers were eliminated by the Boston Celtics a couple weeks ago.

Brown may have led the Cavaliers to winning seasons but could not bring home the ultimate goal of an NBA title to Cleveland. Since 2007, the Cavaliers have failed to reach the NBA Finals and Brown has been blamed for taking the team in the wrong direction and being a poor strategist. Despite a roster designed to play well with Lebron James, Brown failed to create offense when needed in the two playoff runs and ended up being upset by lower seeded teams two straight years in a row.

Even though it’s still a mystery where he will play next season, rumors of clashes between Brown and Lebron have circulated since the Cavaliers were eliminated from the playoffs a couple weeks ago. Lebron criticized Brown for not playing teammates JJ Hickson and Shaquille O’Neal at key times during the playoffs and for Brown’s lack of commitment to driving the ball to the lane.

Similar to rumors circulating about Lebron’s future, rumblings about next year’s head coach began to make headlines before Brown was fired. Kentucky coach John Calipari, who had a brief NBA coaching stint with the New Jersey Nets, is rumored to be heading to where Lebron signs and Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski, who coached James in the Olympics, has his name pop up with almost every NBA head coaching vacancy. Calipari has tweeted that he is staying at Kentucky and officials at Duke have already made it clear that Krzyzweski will probably not head to the NBA anytime soon. Coach K, as they call him down there, turned down an offer to coach the Lakers years ago and has stated before that the NBA “is not for [him].”

Even though it’s unlikely he would take the job, Rick Pitino’s name will come up as a replacement for coach Brown. Pitino was adamant months ago that he was “done with professional basketball” and dislikes “the dynamics of the NBA.” Pitino did not fare well at all when coaching the Boston Celtics and often chastised reporters and fans who were negative towards the team. It’s apparent Pitino is tired of being asked to go back to the NBA and if Lebron leaves town, the Cavaliers would be taking a risk hiring a coach who showed impatience towards the league and its fans.

The Cavaliers are planning to move forward but it will be without Mike Brown. Brown may have helped the Cavaliers win the the regular season but the team needs a coach who can take the team far into the postseason and win a championship.


~ by jeffrsabo on May 25, 2010.

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