Monsters Fan Appreciation Night: Great Atmosphere, Great Feelings

Fan Appreciation Night at hockey games in Cleveland has been a fun tradition for me ever since the Cleveland Lumberjacks were in town and with the Lake Erie Monsters, it’s still a fun way to end the regular season. Times are a bit different then when the Lumberjacks were here but the positive feelings I left with the arena remain the same.

Being a member of the Cleveland Hockey Boosters Club (, going to events in which I can meet members off the team makes the experience of going to the games even more fun. Meeting the players face-to-face at meetings and other events makes it easier and more fun to root them on during games because of how personal and polite the players are during those events.

During a Monsters season, I typically go to several games throughout the year because of my love of hockey and the atmosphere inside the arena. Hockey has been a passion of mine for quite some time and even at the minor league level, I enjoy going to the games. The players play with passion and the drive to make it to the NHL and it’s fun seeing many future stars rise to the Big Show later on in their careers. The Monsters have done a great job in providing a fun atmosphere for fans and makes it easier to want to buy tickets.

Saturday’s Fan Appreciation Night had an incredible atmosphere due to the large crowd and the fact they were giving away prizes. I didn’t walk away with a prize that night but couldn’t help but realize how much fun going to the games were this season and the enjoyment I’ve had following the team. The Monsters lost in a shootout but I still couldn’t help but look back and realize how much fun I’ve had going to the games this season and having something to root for and cheer on. The Monsters had their ups and downs this season but every time I went to a game, I left feeling it was a fun experience. When next season comes along, I know I will be back for the ride again.


~ by jeffrsabo on April 11, 2010.

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