So Far, Indians Showing More Fight Under Acta

The Cleveland Indians are 2-2 this season and so far, are showing more fight and passion on the field with Manager Manny Acta. The team came from behind twice against the White Sox to take two out of three in that series and those games were won by the fact the team simply did not give up in the later innings. Acta seems to be more passionate and energetic about his job then previous Manager Eric Wedge and it is showing on the field.

When searching for a new manager, one of the reasons Acta was hired was his ability to motivate and work with younger players. Acta has always seemed positive, shows emotion and seems to motivate his team to play well. The passion that Acta displays seems to be resonating through the clubhouse and motivating the players to play well and not give up.

Under Wedge, the team didn’t play with passion or much emotion, the team played like individuals at times and it was apparent that the players were not responding to Wedge very well. Oftentimes, ground balls would not be run out, players would not hustle and plays would be botched and Wedge would show no emotion towards the situation. Wedge rarely looked like he cared what was going on and as a result, the players looked like they could have cared less too. Wedge’s lack of emotion resonated through the clubhouse and as a result, the team was not motivated to play well at all.

Acta’s personality is said to be more energetic and upbeat then his predecessor and it’s rare that Acta has trashed the team in public or has said negative comments. With all of the negative predictions and press before the season, Acta still seemed confident the team his was managing could play good baseball and so far, that has been shown on the field. With the exception of Opening Day, the Indians have come back from behind twice and have played better then what most people have expected. Acta’s upbeat energy seems to be motivating the players to play well and show more fight then what others have predicted.

There is still a lot of baseball left but so far, Acta has shown he can motivate and energize a team better then his predecessor. That emotion and drive may not make the Indians the best team in baseball but could prove some critics wrong.


~ by jeffrsabo on April 10, 2010.

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