Monsters Lose to Rivermen and Chance at Playoffs News & Features.

The Lake Erie Monsters’s hopes of a playoff spot vanished with their 4-2 loss to Peoria on Saturday night but the team should still hold its head up high. The Monsters were among the league’s worst teams just a few months ago and making the playoffs seemed like a dream that would take a miracle to achieve. The Monsters didn’t achieve their dream of making the playoffs but made for an exciting season as they improved their record from December.

Before December started, the Monsters only had eight wins and constantly kept giving up six to seven goals a game. The team was not easy to watch on the ice at all and it looked like a dismal season was on the horizon. The Monsters couldn’t maintain or even create a lead and it seemed as if this season was going to be a lost year.

Once the team got through December and the holidays, improvement and a much more confident Monsters team began to show up for games. Head coach David Quinn managed to get this team to do the impossible, which was win consistently and get the lines to play more cohesive. Sending Trevor Cann down to CHL helped provide some solid goaltending as Billy Sauer was called up in relief and the Monsters began to play like the hockey team fans had hoped for. TJ Hensick was scoring, Brian Willsie proved to be a great leader for this team and Darren Haydar became the player we all hoped to see in a Monsters uniform this season. The team became competitive and fun to watch.

The Monsters will not be going to the playoffs this season but fans will be excited for the team next year. With a determined roster ready to go, the Monsters will be a powerful force in the AHL next season and will have playoffs on their minds as motivation.


~ by jeffrsabo on April 4, 2010.

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