Advice for Filling Out Your NCAA Bracket

After years of filling out numerous brackets in March and walking away short of winning, I’ve come to a conclusion; winning takes luck. Some might argue that strategy is involved but in the end, it’s lady luck that will help you win your pool.

Filling out a bracket can be a long and tedious process for some but winners have emerged from people who barely knew a thing about college basketball. Stories have circulated that people who randomly filled out a bracket without doing any research on the teams have walked away as winners. Other stories of people picking teams based on which mascot they liked better have been known to win but in the end, it was luck that got them to their ultimate goal. Others might argue that these strategies are bogus but people have won by picking the teams at random.

With almost an endless number of outcomes available for the tournament, having a perfect bracket would take luck. It’s not impossible but picking each and every team correctly would take luck and not strategy. The chances of it happening are slim but with how spread out the tournament is, upsets are bound to happen and those with a good bracket beyond the first and second rounds often get their by luck.

One year, a high school math teacher of mine decided to do an experiment with his bracket and picked every team that was favored to win. He didn’t pick any upsets and always based his picks on whoever was seeded higher in that game. His picks didn’t get him close to winning but his final conclusion was that winning an NCAA bracket pool is simply luck.


~ by jeffrsabo on March 16, 2010.

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