Indians Have Won Two in Spring Training But Negative Press Still Looms

The Cleveland Indians are officially undefeated in Cactus League exhibition by defeating the Cincinnati Reds on Friday and Saturday afternoons. The team seems to have performed well on the field but negative  feelings towards the team still looms close but is part of the process of rebuilding.

The Indians are going through a rebuilding stage and many feel that the Dolan family does not put enough money into the team to make it a competitor.  With empty seats and low attendance, the Dolans really don’t have much of a choice but to go cheap in order to build what could be a potential winner. This is frustrating for the fans but tough and long seasons are part of the rebuilding process.

Many fans who were once season ticket holders for the team have stated they no longer follow the team and negative articles about the team consistently appear in local media. Watching and following a losing team is never easy but time is needed for the team to develop and the players to enhance their skill levels. When building a team, going through the rough patches could help lead to better times ahead.

Trying to build a good team from scratch during one of the worst economic downturns in history is also a challenge the Indians have had to deal with during the rebuilding process. With many people out of work and additional income scarce, paying full price for an Indians game is not easy for a lot of fans out there. With local minor league teams only charging $5-$10 per ticket, paying three times that plus parking and additional fees for an Indians game could be a bit of a stretch for some fans. Paying that price for a team that is struggling is not the easiest sell and this has been something the Indians have had to deal with quite a bit during their rebuilding process.


~ by jeffrsabo on March 7, 2010.

2 Responses to “Indians Have Won Two in Spring Training But Negative Press Still Looms”

  1. See, now you’re starting to see the plan, as opposed to just blindly bashing the Dolans and front office staff.

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