This One Is For the Girls

Last night’s women’s hockey gold medal game between the United States and Canada marked the fourth time gold medals were awarded in that sport. Women’s hockey was introduced as an Olympic sport for the 1998 Nagano Olympic games and the sport has had growth in North America as a result. I’ve heard others complain that women’s hockey doesn’t allow hitting but the women who play have worked hard and deserve a lot of respect for making it that far.

During the 1998 Nagano Olympics, stories surfaced how many of the American players on the women’s hockey team had to play on boys’ teams growing because separate programs were not available. Many players during this era had no choice but to play on boys’ teams but benefited from the hard work and dedication from playing on these teams. Credit has to be given for the dedication and love of the sport to take this route and working hard to succeed in the sport. This road isn’t always an easy one to take and the hard work and dedication for a lot of players who went this route paid off later on.

Many people have mentioned to me that they thought women’s hockey was boring because there was no hitting but in reality, these women work hard to succeed and play on these teams. To play at the highest level takes dedication, practice and months of hard work to make it to the Olympics and be named to the team. Many of the players who play at the college level had to either balance school with tryout schedules or take a year off from studies to focus on making the Olympic team. Whether they are allowed to hit or not, these women worked hard in the classroom, in the weight room, on the ice and off the ice to make the teams and deserve recognition and respect for their dedication.

Making it to the Olympics does not happen overnight and takes dedication, hard work and sacrifice. A lot of the women playing hockey have put in lots of hard work and dedication to get to where they are at and deserve to be respected.


~ by jeffrsabo on February 26, 2010.

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