Friendships Can Go a Long Way

Taking time to treat others with respect can go a really long way these days. Sometimes we’re reminded of this on a regular basis or through chance encounters of catching up with someone. Caring and being nice to others can have benefits and good memories later on down the line.

Last night, I was at a bar in my hometown of Solon, Ohio called Benny’s when three of the Cavalier Girls were there. One of the Cavalier girls was Kelly, who happened to be someone I considered a friend and knew in high school. I hadn’t seen Kelly since high school and was wondering if she would recall who I was.

In high school, I recall having a senior English class with Kelly and would usually run into her at basketball games because she was a cheerleader and I was usually doing something with the school’s TV station. I was always nice to Kelly, enjoyed talking with her and if I can recall correctly, I think I helped review parts of Shakespeare’s Hamlet with her before a mid-term. My memory is shaky on the Shakespeare story but I remember she was really nice to me in return as a result of my kindness.

While at the bar the other night, I approached Kelly and the other Cavalier Girl she was with and asked if she had a moment to take a picture with me. After the picture was taken, I started to explain to Kelly, “I don’t know if you remember me but my name is….”

Kelly cut me off and said with a smile, “I remember who you are Jeff! How are you doing?”

She then gave me a hug and I briefly chatted with her a bit. It felt good that Kelly remembered who I was and she was still the same kind person I remembered back in high school. I didn’t realize how far my kindness would go back then but am glad I took the time to be nice to her during that time.


~ by jeffrsabo on February 20, 2010.

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