Luongo or Brodeur? You Decide in 2010!

In the days leading up to the Canadian Men’s Hockey team debut in the 2010 Winter Olympics, Canada’s head coach Mike Babcock had to decide between starting Roberto Luongo or Martin Brodeur in goal for the game against Norway. Babcock announced today Luongo will start in goal tonight against Norway and Brodeur will play against Switzerland later on in the week. The big question remains is who will start in net for Canada when they play the United States on Sunday?

The best part of Babcock’s dilemma is he will have two solid goaltenders to choose from for Sunday’s game. Luongo is an NHL veteran who has proved himself as a leader and prolific puck stopper. Luongo is with the Vancouver Canucks and will be playing in a familiar city throughout this Olympics. Brodeur is definitely nearing the end of his career but seems to have gotten better with age and is considered one of the best goaltenders in the world. Brodeur has set numerous NHL records and will be key to Canada’s success in the Olympics.

As for Sunday’s game, Canada will be playing a younger and faster United States team then what the world saw in the 2006 Torino Olympics. The United States has some great forwards in Patrick Kane, Jamie Langenbrunner, Zach Parise, David Backes and Ryan Malone. They are a faster and more physical team and as we saw earlier today, not afraid to throw some hits around. The United States will be a team that can put lots of shots on goal and will not be an easy win for the Canadians.

With Brodeur, the Canadians have a goaltender who has won multiple Stanley Cups and has shut down some of the best teams in NHL history and can play when it matters the most. Brodeur helped shut down a powerful Detroit Red Wings team in 1995 to lead the Devils to their first ever Stanley Cup. That New Jersey Devils team was not given much of a chance to win but Brodeur provided them that opportunity with solid goaltending. In addition to two other Stanley Cup wins, Brodeur has the most shutouts ever for a goaltender in the playoffs and in the Stanley Cup Finals. Brodeur also helped lead the Canadians to a gold medal in 2002 and will be more then ready for the challenge this time around.

Luongo has never played in a Stanley Cup final but has leadership ability and experience playing for Canada in the World Championships. Luongo is the first goaltender to captain an NHL team since the 1947-1948 season and has proven to be a solid leader on the ice. Luongo has experience playing for Canada in the World Championships and will be just as ready as Brodeur is for any challenge in the Olympics.

The dilemma is one a team doesn’t have the benefit of having most of the time but if you had a choice, who would you choose?


~ by jeffrsabo on February 17, 2010.

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