Rick Pitino of Louisville Cardinals: No truth to report of interest in New Jersey Nets job – ESPN

Current Louisville head basketball coach Rick Pitino has denied rumors of being interested in coaching the New Jersey Nets. Days after rumors of the coach contacting Nets officials surfaced, Pitino made it clear in a statement Thursday he has no interest in going back to coaching in the NBA.

Based off Pitino’s track record, he is better off staying in college basketball and not pursuing the Nets job. Pitino has had more success at the college ranks, has more of a say in how he can build a team, and has one of the best overall winning records as a head coach in the college ranks. Pitino seems happier when coaching college basketball and is more patient with his team and the dynamics of the college game.

While coaching the Boston Celtics and the New York Knicks in the NBA, Pitino has not been as successful and only has a 192-220 career record coaching in the professional ranks. While serving as the Celtic’s head coach, Pitino criticized the fans for “not growing up” and moving on from the glory days of Larry Bird, Robert Parish and Kevin McHale. Pitino was obviously frustrated with the pressure and lack of success he was having and never had a winning season with the Celtics. Based off his remarks recently on how he is “done with professional basketball”, it can be assumed Pitino’s experience with the Celtics soured him on the thought of coaching in the NBA again.

When taking a look at how the Nets are currently doing and Pitino’s lack of success in the NBA, he is probably not the best fit for the position. Pitino struggled to develop players and turn things around while in Boston and could not put a winning team on the court. Pitino doesn’t seem to be a big fan of the dynamics of the NBA and the 4-47 Nets do not need a coach who has openly criticized fans for “not growing up.” The Nets need a coach that will help develop a young team, has NBA experience and will be patient during what could be a rough building process. Selling tickets for next season will be hard enough and bringing someone with a track record of criticizing NBA fans like Pitino on board would not be a good move.

Rick Pitino of Louisville Cardinals: No truth to report of interest in New Jersey Nets job – ESPN

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