Cavaliers Vs. Magic Preview

A rematch of last season’s Eastern Conference Finals will take place on Thursday evening as the Cleveland Cavaliers will take on the Orlando Magic in a prime time matchup. The Cavaliers will be playing at home but the Magic proved during last year’s playoffs they can be a spoiler to a great team.

The Cavaliers have won the last 21 of 22 at home and will have a crowd that will be loud and proud tonight. In important games, Cavaliers fans have proven to be loud and will be looking for any way to help the Cavaliers gain momentum. If Magic center Dwight Howard gets into foul trouble early on or makes a mistake, the crowd will take notice easily and make that a factor in the game.

In the past several games, Lebron James has been masterful and will need to be a leading force tonight against the Magic. The Cavaliers have proven they have depth with Jawad Williams and Daniel “Boobie” Gibson filling in for the injured Delonte West and Mo Williams but King James will have to bring some of his best work with him tonight. James terrorized the Magic on November 11th with 36 points and will need to be somewhere close to that tonight.

Vince Carter is starting to pick up the pace a bit for the Magic and Howard will not be afraid to penetrate inside early on against Shaquille O’Neal. Shaq may have lost a step or two but can still play solid defense and be aggressive underneath the basket. Howard will go in hard on Shaq early on to put the Cavaliers big man on the bench with foul trouble. Zydrunas Illgauskus had difficulty guarding Howard last season in the Eastern Conference Finals and Anderson Varejao will have to be careful not to foul too much in this game. The Cavaliers will need to shut down the lanes early on to prevent Carter and Howard from driving close to the basket.

The Cavaliers have an opportunity to extend their win streak tonight and if they can make adjustments and play as well as they have been, they will have a good shot at winning game number 13 in a row this evening. If they let the Magic control the pace of the game early on and penetrate inside, it will be a long and disappointing night for the Cavaliers.


~ by jeffrsabo on February 11, 2010.

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