Donte Stallworth to Be Reinstated

Several months after being suspended by the NFL and less then a year after killing a man while driving drunk, wide receiver Donte Stallworth will be reinstated by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Stallworth was suspended by the league in August after being convicted in DUI manslaughter case.

Stallworth is still property of the Cleveland Browns and newly hired General Manager Tom Heckert has stated the team has not decided what they will do with the troubled wide receiver. Team owner Randy Lerner is expected to play a role in the decision.

Many will not agree with Goodell’s reinstatement but bringing Stallworth back to the Browns might cause more distractions then needed. Stallworth will constantly be monitored by the media and law officials and could be a distraction for head coach Eric Mangini. When dealing with other troubled players, Mangini has not tolerated players or behaviors that have been disruptive to the team. Having Stallworth in the locker room will contradict Mangini’s reasons for getting rid of troubled players in the past and could be an odd feeling for other players who have lost loved ones to drunk driving accidents.

Before being convicted, Stallworth was considered a disappointment to the Browns. Stallworth rarely played due to injuries and was not effective when he did play. The team’s passing game needs improvement but the team won games this season without Stallworth in the lineup. Stallworth was not a key factor for the Browns when playing for them almost two seasons ago and there is no telling whether or not the Browns will take that chance with him.

Stallworth might be a talented athlete but bringing him to the Browns could be a move not worth taking.


~ by jeffrsabo on February 6, 2010.

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