Kenny Lofton Thrilled About Making the Cleveland Indians Hall of Fame

During his three stints with the Cleveland Indians, Kenny Lofton was well liked by the fans for his ability to steal bases, snag home runs away from opposing hitters and get key base hits when needed. Lofton was key to the Indians success in the mid-90s and his hard work and dedication was recognized Wednesday when the Indians announced he was going to be inducted into the Cleveland Indians Hall of Fame.

Even though he could be moody towards reporters and other members of the press, Lofton was one of the best Indians players during the beginning of the Jacobs (now Progressive) Field era. A solid lead off hitter, Lofton was one of the best at getting on base early on in the ball game and antagonized opposing pitchers and catchers with his base stealing abilities. Lofton batted .300 in his three stints with the Indians and had 452 stolen bases while wearing a Cleveland uniform.

When traded to the Indians in late 2007, Lofton was welcomed back with enthusiasm by fans who remembered him during the mid-90s. Lofton’s stay was brief that season but fans will never forget the effort he had put into his game during his 10 seasons as a member of the Cleveland Indians.


~ by jeffrsabo on January 28, 2010.

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