Thoughts from Yesterday’s NFL Games

Good morning Sports Fans!

NFL fans had the opportunity to witness two great conference championship games as both the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints won their respective conference championships to earn the right to play in the Super Bowl in two weeks.

Starting off with the AFC Championship game, the New York Jets did a great job getting out to an early start, however, the Colts and Peyton Manning have always been a team that can come out and play well in the second half. On numerous occasions, Manning has shown the ability to make adjustments in the second half and can be very dangerous when doing so. The Colts easily answered with the drives and the touchdowns they needed to win the game.

The Jets did not play badly at all, however, New York was clearly not ready for Manning and the Colts in the second half. The Colts offensive is designed to be explosive and with the amount of receivers for Manning to throw to, it’s very easy for the Colts to go down deep. Manning was able to connect with Dallas Clark and Pierre Garcon on numerous occasions downfield and wore out the Jets defense as a result.

Moving to the NFC Championship game, the Saints necessarily didn’t play well in the second half, however, Drew Brees and the offense started to click once overtime started. In the second half, the Saints only had 74 yards of total offense but when overtime started, Brees was able to lead the team 39 yards down the field to put them within field goal range. Once Saints placekicker Garrett Hartley had a straight shot at it, the Saints were on their way to a victory and the Super Bowl.

The Vikings played a much better second half and could have won this game. Brett Favre may have been banged up but Favre was moving the Vikings down the field and who knows what would have happened if Minnesota got the ball first in overtime. The Saints were clearly playing not to lose in the second half and it almost cost them the game. If the Saints want a good shot at hoisting the Lombardi trophy, they will have to play four solid quarters of football against one of the best offenses in the NFL. The Colts have been to the Super Bowl before and will not be feeling the jitters the Saints might be feeling when they step onto that field. The Saints will have to play two solid halves of football if they want a shot at beating the Colts.

That’s it for now. Keep it real.



~ by jeffrsabo on January 25, 2010.

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