Browns take down the Raiders

In a game filled with reminders, personal fouls, ejections, and bizarre instances, the Cleveland Browns won their third game in a row Sunday with a 23-9 victory over the Oakland Raiders. With the win, the Browns have won their third game in a row and have a 4-11 record on the season.

Throughout the game, Browns fans were reminded why Raiders quarterback, who was originally drafted by Cleveland and had hopes of being a starter here, was traded away from the franchise in 2007. On the Raiders first drive of the game, Browns fans saw the Frye of old when the Raiders quarterback threw an interception by David Bowens. The interception would lead to a Jerome Harrison touchdown two plays later and put the Browns up 7-0.

From that point on, the Raiders offense struggled as Frye could not connect well with his receivers, could not continue drives and finished the day with three interceptions. The Raiders had several opportunities to put together drives but bad passes by Frye, mistakes by the Raiders receivers and good defense from the Browns secondary prevented Oakland from getting a touchdown. Frye didn’t necessarily look uncomfortable out on the field but it was clear that trading the quarterback in 2007 has not come back to haunt the Browns.

When looking at the Browns on offense, Derek Anderson didn’t look as comfortable out there as Brady Quinn but put up better numbers. Anderson finished the day with 121 yards passing and a touchdown. Anderson did have his share of bad throws but was able to move the Browns offense down the field when needed. Anderson did get help from Jerome Harrison as the Browns running back finished the day with 148 yards rushing and a touchdown.

While Anderson looked a little better then earlier this season, Raiders personal foul calls and ejections helped him out at key moments of the game. Late in the second quarter, the Raiders committed two personal foul calls, one of which resulted in Raiders defensive back Stanfordd Rout being ejected for a head butt, to push the Browns 30 yards up the field. As a result of the penalties, the Browns were able to keep the drive alive and scored on a Mohammed Massoquoi touchdown reception. These penalties plus several others were costly to the Raiders.

The bright spot today for the Raiders was when Sebatian Janikowski split a 61 field goal through the uprights late in the 2nd quarter.

I made a mistake earlier in my post on Sunday and the Browns will play the Jacksonville Jaguars next weekend at home (I mistakenly said that today’s game was their last home game of the year when it was not). The Browns seem to be playing more relaxed but with Mike Holmgren expected to be in town this week to be introduced, the players will have a lot on their minds about next season. The players and coaching staff have their fates in the hands of Holmgren and whether or not they will be retained could be based on how well they play in next week’s game.


~ by jeffrsabo on December 28, 2009.

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