Cavs dunk the Sixers 108-101, Martin Broduer ties Patrick Roy

Good Morning Sports Fans!

The Cleveland Cavaliers continued their winning ways last night with a 108-101 win over the Philadelphia 76ers in the Wachovia Center. Lebron James finished the night with 36 points while starters Mo Williams finished with 12 points and JJ Hickson and Shaq finished with 10 points. Coming off the bench, Anderson Varejao finished the game with 11 points.

The Cavaliers traded the lead back and forth in the 2nd quarter with the Sixers but looked more cohesive throughout the game. Less mistakes were made in this ball game and the team played well together when needed. There were instances in which the 76ers took the lead but the Cavaliers remained calm and countered the attack on offense. The Cavaliers don’t seem to panic in close games and that calmness will help them against some of the NBA’s tougher teams.

The 76ers have had a rough season so far but Allen Iverson seems to be helping their offense. Iverson finished last night with 16 points and played 34 minutes on the floor. The 76ers have struggled since parting ways with Iverson originally but seem to have an improved offense with him. Iverson may be a bit older but can still play with the league’s best.

Speaking of news in Philadelphia, I did write a brief post about the Cliff Lee and Roy Halladay trades yesterday. You can access both of those by following the link below:

My friend Bridget, who lives in Philadelphia, is supposed to do a guest post soon on her reaction to the trade. Bridget is a good friend of mine and you will get to hear her thoughts on a fan’s perspective of the Cliff Lee trade really soon.

Taking a look now at the NHL, New Jersey Devils goaltender Martin Brodeur continues to make headlines as he tied Patrick Roy’s regular season record for most appearances by an NHL goaltender. Brodeur, who is in the 16th year of his career, played in his 1,029th game last night. On top of that, Brodeur’s New Jersey Devils ended up the game with a 2-1 win over Patrick Roy’s former team, the Montreal Canadiens.

With all of Brodeur’s career milestones, there is no doubt he should be in the Hall of Fame after he retires. Brodeur has been one of the most dominant goaltenders not only of his generation but in NHL history. He’s led the Devils to a couple of Stanley Cups, is one of the only goaltenders in history to score a goal, has set numerous Devils and NHL records and is close to passing records set by some of the NHL’s best goaltenders. Brodeur might be a Montreal native but with all of the career milestones he’s had, there is no doubt he should end up with an enshrinement ticket to the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto.

That’s it for now. Keep it real.



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