More bad news for the Browns, Monsters thoughts

Good Morning Sports Fans!

As if the Browns luck could not get any worse, the team may be without its best players for the rest of the season. Shaun Rogers, who was injured late in the game yesterday, could be out for the rest of the season with a leg injury. The injury is among many on the Browns roster this season.

Rogers is one of the true leaders on this Browns team and losing him will be difficult for the team. Rogers shows enthusiasm game in and game out and keeps the defense motivated. Rogers has been one of the best trades the Browns have made in recent years and losing him for the season is devastating.

At this point, the Browns are 1-10 and are having one of the worst seasons in team history. The team was nowhere near this bad when they came back in 1999 as an expansion team under then Head Coach Chris Palmer. Even though Palmer was a poor choice for the position, the players didn’t hate him, the team could move the ball down the field and they could score. Tim Couch proved to be a bust but at least could find receivers and help the offense score more then seven points a game. This season’s team is lucky to score seven points in a ball game and barely gets 150 yards of offense per game.

Moving from the NFL gridiron to minor league hockey, the Lake Erie Monsters had a dismal weekend losing all three of their games, two of which were at home. Their home series against Hamilton was disappointing as they had bigger crowds and failed to score a goal on both Friday and Saturday. The team has played inconsistently this season and needs to turn things around.

The Monsters front office can’t always control what happens on the ice but constant losing will be a tough sell. Monsters games are not as expensive as Indians, Cavs or Browns games but watching the team consistently get shut out is difficult. During one season in which the old Cleveland Lumberjacks were one of the bottom dwellers in the league, it was difficult to consistently see the team lose by five or six goals a night and barely put up any offense. While the games were fun, it was still a hard sell for season ticket holders to renew. My dad had season tickets for his company at that time and was skeptical about renewing. If the Monsters don’t improve on the ice, they could see the same fate at the gate.

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~ by jeffrsabo on November 30, 2009.

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