Browns vs. Bengals Preview, Glenville goes to State, Charlie Weis may be gone soon, Jackets lose fifth straight

Good Morning Sports Fans!

It’s a rematch for the Battle of Ohio as the Cincinnati Bengals will play host to the struggling Cleveland Browns at 1 pm today. Since defeating the Browns in overtime earlier this season, the Bengals have continued their success this season while the Browns have yet to find the right direction. Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer has been spectacular this season while the Browns can’t figure out if Brady Quinn or Derek Anderson will be the quarterback to lead this franchise.

Throughout this season, the Bengals have proven they can play with the best. Carson Palmer has played like the quarterback the Bengals have wanted for a long time and that has helped with their success this season. Even though the Bengals struggled last week against Oakland, the Bengals have not played poorly two consecutive weeks in a row this season and will be ready to play.

Taking a look at the Browns, the offense showed a resurgence last week by throwing the ball deep and opening up holes for running back Jamal Lewis. The Browns were able to keep it close but the defense could not get the job done. If the Browns want to have a chance in this ball game, they will need to get some pressure on Carson Palmer early on and prevent the Bengals from making big plays. The Browns secondary has a tendency to give up long passes down the field and Palmer can put the Browns away early on if they are not careful.

The last Battle of Ohio is usually a classic but with how the Browns have struggled this season, this one could get ugly. The Bengals have become one of the premier teams in the NFL this season and the Browns have yet to find their way. The Bengals go out and play hard no matter what while the Browns coaching staff has made excuses and accused other players of faking injuries. The Bengals seem to be on the right path while the Browns cannot wait for this season to be done.

Moving from the NFL gridiron to the Ohio High School Football playoffs, the Glenville Tarblooders advanced to the Division I State Championship game with a 31-17 victory over Massillon Washington last night. This is the first time the Tarblodders have reached the State Championship game in school history.

Glenville is a tough franchise but they will need to limit their mistakes against a very tough Hilliard Davidson team. Davidson is one of the top programs out of the Columbus area and have proven to be able to play with the best. Against Mentor in the State Championship game a few years back, Davidson was fearless, did not give up and took advantage of every mistake.

If Glenville wants to win, they will have to limit their mistakes. The Tarblooders are talented but have a tendency to play sloppy at times. Glenville’s mistakes and sloppy snaps on special teams almost cost them the game against Solon and can cost them the state title if they are not careful. Davidson has been known to leave nothing left on the table and will make the Tarblooders regret every mistake they make. Glenville has the talent but mistakes will cost them a state title.

Taking a look at College Football now, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish lost a heartbreaker last night by losing to Stanford 45-38. The Irish had been in control of the game until the defense broke down in the second half and allowed Stanford to gain the momentum. With the loss, the Irish have dropped their fourth straight victory and Charlie Weis might be done as Notre Dame’s head coach.

Even though the Irish have kept certain games close this season, dismissing Weis would not be much of a shock at this point. Other coaches have expressed interest in coaching Notre Dame and Weis has only led the Irish to one BCS Bowl appearance. Since then, the team has either been terrible or mediocre and has not risen back to the championship level the school was hoping for. Weis seems to be respected by the players but the school was hoping for a record better then 6-6 this season. The Irish have dropped games in which they should have won and it would not be surprising if the school dismissed Weis this week.

Is it possible for the Irish to have instant success with a new coach? That is possible and a new coach can definitely help change the atmosphere and feel of the team. Weis was able to take the talent that Tyrone Willingham had recruited and was successful in his first season as head coach of the Irish. The Irish want to win but could lose key players by firing Weiss. Many high school recruits have not signed a national letter of intent yet and if Weiss is let go, many of Notre Dame’s recruits could look elsewhere. Notre Dame will probably take a long time to interview candidates and the longer that process goes, the harder it will be to re-sell those recruits.

Moving from the college gridiron to the hockey rink, the Blue Jackets dropped their fifth straight Saturday night losing 4-3 to Calgary in a shootout. The Jackets kept the game close but still have not been able to perform well in a shootout. With the loss the Jackets still are in third place but will need to get back on track soon.

The Jackets have played poorly lately but firing head coach Ken Hitchcock will not be the answer. Hitchcock has developed a lot of the younger players on the team and has helped made the Blue Jackets competitive. Hitchcock has been known to get his players’ attention at key times and will get this team back on track soon.

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