Another Day, another loss

The Battle of Ohio was exciting for those who cheer on the Bengals week to week but served as a reminder to Browns fans how bad the team has played this season. The Browns defense showed up to play today but the Browns must have left the offense on the bus as the team struggled to move the ball down the field.

Browns Quarterback Brady Quinn looked lost on the field and finished the game with a 51.3 quaterback rating. Quinn’s receivers were constantly looking back at the former first round pick and had the same question most fans watching the game had: “Where was that ball being thrown?” Quinn did finish the game with a touchdown and 100 yards passing but could complete a pass when the team had numerous opportunities to drive down the field and make the game closer.

Similar to earlier weeks, the Browns play calling was pitiful on third down situations. The Browns resorted to giving the ball to Cribbs on third and short situations, which has not worked the entire season. The Browns also failed to pick up numerous third down blitzes and Brady Quinn ended up eating a field turf sandwhich as a result. The Bengals defense was patient and knew that the lack of creativity in Mangini’s play calling was not a cause for concern. The Browns barely used the wild cat at all today and the only creativity in their play calling was Josh Cribbs throwing a pass to Brady Quinn.

The Bengals were able to control the ball game by running the ball. Even with Cedric Benson out, recent pickup Larry Johnson proved to be a good choice for the Bengals and finished the game with 107 yards. Johnson averaged 4.9 yards per carry and was able to get first downs when needed. That helped keep numerous drives alive and helped the Bengals control the game.

During my time in college, I was (and still am) friends with a lot of Cincinnati Bengals fans. Most of them would kid me around and express how they thought the Browns sucked. I used to always kid back that they were entitled to their opinions but a “Browns suck” statement can probably be considered a factual statement instead of an opinion these days.

I even had one friend in college who would bet me a trip for ice cream (no joke) over who won a Browns and Bengals matchup or a Reds and Indians series (during Interleague play in baseball season). Another stipulation I requested throwing in as part of the bet was that the loser had to wear the other team’s shirt to the ice cream shop (e.g. if the Browns won, she would have had to have worn a t-shirt with the Brownie elf on it and if the Bengals won, I would have had to wear her Carson Palmer jersey). We never instituted that stipulation but I probably would have had to have worn the Palmer jersey after this game to avoid getting made fun or beat up by other patrons at the ice cream parlor.


~ by jeffrsabo on November 29, 2009.

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