More thoughts from yesterday’s Browns loss….

Good Morning Sports Fans!

While watching yesterday’s loss to the Lions, it was very easy to notice a sea of blue but not from people wearing Lions colors. The Lions have struggled for a long time and their fans have responded by doing one simple act; not buying tickets. There was a sea of blue in the crowd yesterday at Ford Field but many of the empty blue seats the facility has inside.

Detroit is considered a hockey town by how much the fans love the Red Wings but the Lions have been a mainstay for a long period of time too. Football in Michigan is pretty big and even years of a losing team have kept their fans away. In a football crazed town like Cleveland, the Browns could see an orange sea of empty seats in their future if they don’t turn things around.

Eric Mangini and the departed George Kokinas are clearly not the answer to help this team win. Phil Savage and Romeo Crennel didn’t get the job done and Dwight Clark, Carmen Policy, Butch Davis and Chris Palmer are all other footnotes in Cleveland Browns history who simply could not put a winning product on the field. The list of bad and disappointing draft picks goes further then the list of coaches we have had and free agent busts like Jeff Garcia (who departed after only one season), Trent Dilfer, Donte Stallworth and many more have plagued this team. With the number of bad choices made in the past, it’s time to find someone who can make the right choices for this team.

Since 1999, Cleveland fans have patiently waited for a winning team to return to Cleveland. Fans have purchased Personal Seat Licenses and very good money for season tickets over the years only to be disappointed by the product on the field and  upset by the way management has treated them. After a while, patience just runs out and fans will find other items to spend money on.


That’s it for now. Keep it real.





~ by jeffrsabo on November 23, 2009.

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