Browns vs. Ravens preview

Good Morning Sports Fans!

Tonight’s Monday Night Football game between the Baltimore Ravens and the Cleveland Browns has been an anticipated matchup but for reasons other then the action that will be taking place on the field. The game was almost blacked out, fans are still threatening to boycott the kickoff and Browns Head Coach is now going to be investigated by the NFL Player’s Association. All of these factors seemed to draw more attention to this game then the actual matchup between the two divisional rivals.

The Ravens are 4-4 going into this ball game and will need divisional wins to serve as a tie breaker. Baltimore has struggled at times this season but are still a very dangerous team. When healthy, Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis can be vicious as always and no pass is safe with Ravens safety Ed Reed playing in the secondary. The Ravens may be ranked 10th in defense and offense in the league but they will be ready for this divisional matchup.

Last week, Browns Head Coach Eric Mangini tried to make it a secret that he was planning on starting Brady Quinn. This move is ironic in some sense because Quinn has not played since the Browns played the Ravens in Baltimore earlier this season. Quinn was pulled from that ball game for his failure to put a drive together, look downfield, and throwing into double coverage. Derek Anderson has not been playing well either but was able to put together longer drives against Baltimore when the two teams last played each other. If the Browns play calling is predictable like it has been, expect the Ravens to blitz like crazy on Quinn and force him to make mistakes. The Baltimore defense will also be setting their eyes on stopping running back Jamal Lewis and Joshua Cribbs as well.

There may not be a whole lot of fans in the seats for the opening kickoff but with how poorly the Browns have been playing, it will be interesting to see how many fans will be watching at home. The NFL has tried to bring even matchups to both Sunday Night and Monday Night Football but every once in a while, there is that game that is lopsided. With how frustrated Browns fans are this season, there may be more stories then just what happened during the game coming out of this one.

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~ by jeffrsabo on November 16, 2009.

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