Buckeyes heading to the Rose Bowl, Eric Mangini is being investigated, More thoughts on Solon’s victory last night

Good Afternoon Sports Fans!

On Saturday, the Ohio State Buckeyes clinched a trip to Pasadena by defeating the Iowa Hawkeyes 27-24 in overtime. In a game that was close, Buckeyes placekicker Devin Barclay put one through the uprights in overtime to give Ohio State the victory.

When looking at this match up, both teams seemed to be even. Even when the Buckeyes took a 10-3 lead going into halftime, Iowa still kept finding ways to bring offense to the table and kept making the game competitive. Both teams were able to get first downs when they needed to and found different ways to get into the endzone. Even when it looked like Ohio State was going to pull ahead, Iowa still kept themselves in the ball game.

With the victory, Ohio State will be going to the Rose Bowl. It is still up in the air who the Buckeyes will play but the team will be able to relax next week going into their game against Michigan. The Wolverines have not defeated the Buckeyes in a few years and will not want to lose on their own home turf.

Moving from College Football to the ranks of the NFL, it was reported on the Fox Pregame show today that the NFL Players’ Association will be investigating Browns Head Coach Eric Mangini. The NFLPA decided to investigate the controversial coach after Browns running back Jamal Lewis commented that Mangini’s practices were too long and causing players to become injured. Mangini has since stood by his methods even though other players have been seriously injured in some of the longer practice sessions.

If it wasn’t obvious before, it should be now; Eric Mangini will probably be let go as Browns head coach by the end of the year. The coach has been disliked, controversial, untrusted and ineffective since arriving in Cleveland. With a lousy start to the beginning of the season and poor play during the past several games, keeping Mangini here for another season (or possibly the rest of this season) would be a poor move. Based off reports, Mangini’s treatment of the players has been abusive and the team will suffer even more if they keep around.

Now to take a closer look at Solon’s victory over Mayfield last night in the Ohio High School Football Playoffs, last night’s game was clearly a match up between two really good football teams in this area. Both teams seemed to match up evenly on the field as both were able to make defensive stops when needed, special teams on both sides of the football played well and both teams struggled on offensive at certain times. Mayfield was able to move the ball down the field at times, however, Solon’s defense was able to come up with big stops when needed.

Solon standout and Ohio State recruit Daryl Baldwin did play in last night’s game despite having his angle in a boot earlier this week. Baldwin was not used as much on offense but played a lot on the defensive line. Resting Baldwin for a bit was a smart move but it seemed as if the ankle was hurting at certain times. The Comets will need size next week against Glenville and they will need Baldwin in the lineup.

The Comets played well utilizing the wildcat formation by putting in Chris Humphries. Whenever Humphries took the snaps, the Mayfield defense could not figure out who was carrying the football and Solon was able to get lots of additional yardage on those plays. With a speedy Glenville team on tap for next week, it will be interesting to see how often the wildcat will be used against the Tarblooders. Using the wildcat can be effective but using it too much can lose its luster.

Next week’s game will be played again at Byers Field and Glenville is familiar with the facility. The Tarblooders often play St. Ignatius and other teams at Byers Field and understand the caveats of the field very well. Byers does have an unusual design, however, the place can get really loud for a playoff game. Last night’s game against Mayfield was no exception as both crowds and both bands were very in tune with what was going on and getting very loud. With the Regional Finals on the line next weekend, earplugs may be needed.

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~ by jeffrsabo on November 15, 2009.

3 Responses to “Buckeyes heading to the Rose Bowl, Eric Mangini is being investigated, More thoughts on Solon’s victory last night”

  1. There is now a team from Michigan,

    To beat OSU is their wish again,

    But losing six straight,

    Seems likely their fate,

    That vict’ry, those boys, they will miss again.

  2. So excited for OSU vs Michigan week! I made buckeyes for the guys at work today. I do miss being in Ohio for this special week! Go Bucks!

    • Bridget,

      The Ohio State vs. Michigan game is truly one of my favorites! I look forward to the game every year and enjoy watching it! A couple of my favorite memories watching the game include the one time everyone got together my junior year at Otterbein to watch it and another year in which I was watching it with my relatives! It is one of my favorite games to watch and I cannot wait!


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