Cavs and Magic Preview, Why Quinn is starting on Monday, MLB and Instant Replay?

Good Morning Sports Fans!

Since the season began, tonight’s Cleveland Cavaliers matchup against the Orlando Magic has been an anticipated game. Tonight’s game will be a rematch of last year’s Eastern Conference Finals and is setting up to be a classic contest.

Last season in the playoffs, the Cavaliers struggled with finding someone on their bench who could guard Orlando Magic Center Dwight Howard. Cavs forward Anderson Varejao often would foul Howard instead of defending him and Zydrunas Illgauskas had trouble keeping up with the big center. Now that the Cavaliers have Shaq, Jamario Moon and JJ Hickson (who is healthy), guarding Howard could be an easier task. Shaq is not as agile as he once was but can still defend the basket as if his life depended on it. Shaq’s size plus the size of others will make it difficult for Howard to get close to the basket like he did in the Eastern Conference finals.

If the Cavaliers want to control the temp of the game, they will have to play tough defense from the early start. The Cavaliers defense has struggled this season and letting Orlando get out to an early lead will be a mistake. The Magic can also hurt any team from behind the arc and the Cavs will have to be ready for that. Cavaliers Head Coach, who struggles with making proper adjustments, will have to be more creative if the Cavs are down at halftime as well.

Moving from the basketball court to the often talked about Browns practice facility in Berea, it was speculated yesterday that Brady Quinn will start on Monday against the Baltimore Ravens. Quinn, who was benched early on in the season, may be getting the start for reasons other then what he has shown in practice and Derek Anderson’s poor play. It was speculated yesterday that Quinn will receive a bonus if he started or played a certain number of snaps this season. With rumors of Mike Holmgren possibly coming in as Vice President of Football Operations, this could be Head Coach Eric Mangini’s way of getting back at the management for that move and firing former General Manager George Kokinas. Mangini, who tried to keep the starter a secret until later on this week, will probably not be fooling the Ravens defensive personnel or the Browns front office with this move.

Taking at look at Major League Baseball, instant replay is looking to be proposed as a way to overturn questionable calls. While instant replay was used in the World Series to determine if certain hits were home runs and is used in NFL and the NHL, whether or not it would work for the MLB is still up for debate.

The umpiring in the MLB has been questionable at key times but instant replay could harm the game more then help it. Even if managers were able to limit the number of challenges per game, the chances of them using it as a free timeout to warm up another pitcher or purposely slow down the game are high. Critics of NFL Instant Replay of complained that instant replay slows down the game and that coaches make bad challenges more often then good ones. With MLB instant replay, there is a good possibility managers will make bad challenges that have no chance of being overturned and slow down the game as a result. MLB critics have complained about the games taking too long for a while now and adding instant replay will not make them go any faster.

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