A Monster of a game, notes from around the NFL

Good Morning Sports Fans!

The Browns may have had a bye week yesterday but the Lake Erie Monsters will still in action for an afternoon Sunday matinee at Quicken Loans Arena. In a game that was filled with goals and excitement for the fans, the Monsters fell 8-6 to the Grand Rapids Griffins. Throughout the game, both teams traded goals back and forth but it was Grand Rapids who would score the go ahead goal late in the third period to go ahead 7-6. An empty net goal minutes later sealed the victory for the Griffins in what was a contest filled with lots of scoring.

The Monsters kept up with both the Griffins and the Toronto Marlies this weekend but could not pull off the victory in either game. The team was not able to win, however, they showed maturity and grit by not giving up and keeping the game close in both contests. If the Monsters continue to develop and learn to play with one another, they could be a tough team to beat later on this season. The team has had some call ups to Colorado but not to the extent they had to deal with last season.

Moving from the AHL to the NFL, key divisional and non-divisional matchups took place around the league yesterday. Starting off with an AFC Central divisional battle, the Cincinnati Bengals kept the Ravens grounded with a 17-7 victory. Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer threw 224 yards with 20 completions and Cincinnati finished the game with 146 yards rushing. The Bengals are now 6-2 and will be a tough team to beat down the stretch. The Bengals have proven they can beat tough teams and if Carson Palmer continues to play well, the Bengals should be a tough matchup for some other opponents later on down the line.

In another divisional matchup, the Dallas Cowboys grounded the Philadelphia Eagles with a 20-16 score. The Eagles looked uncomfortable and out of sync on offense for a good portion of the game and the Cowboys defense picked up on that easily. Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb had trouble connecting with wide receivers in the first half and Dallas was able to capitalize easily at key moments of the ball game.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers ended their winless streak yesterday by upsetting the Green Bay Packers 38-28. Tampa Bay ended up getting a couple of scores towards the end of the contest to go ahead and seal the victory. Going into a game without a win under your belt against a tough NFL team is not easy but the Buccaneers persevered and picked up their first win of the season.

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4 Responses to “A Monster of a game, notes from around the NFL”

  1. The talk of the day in Philly was that in a weeks time sports in this city have gone downhill. And we don’t really have much to look forward to until pitchers and cathers report to spring training. Also, my co-workers have been asking if I like the Browns or Bengels. I try to explain that even though I’m from the Cleveland area I don’t really care that much about the Browns. I went on a tangent about how when the Browns were not in Cleveland I was really into soccer and cheered on the Crunch with many others at the sold out CSU Convocation Center( now the Wolstein Center). I explained that the Indians were great and the Cavs stunk… I always hated how Triv and others completely dismissed the efforts of the Crunch they were a great sports team!

    Go Bucks and Cavs!

    • Bridget,

      I can see how you became a soccer fan during the time the Browns were gone. Many people easily switched their focus to the Crunch, the Lumberjacks, the Indians and the Cavs because there was no football in Cleveland. I do recall going to quite a few Lumberjacks games during the time in which Cleveland had no NFL football. Similar to how you liked the Crunch, the Lumberjacks were my team and I went to a lot of their games when they were in town. That is also how I became a huge hockey fan.

      I didn’t go to many Crunch games but I agree the team deserved some more respect and coverage. The team was consistently good and had a loyal following. I went to a Cleveland Soccer History Expo a couple years back and it was amazing how many people showed up to meet the former Crunch and (original) Force players. Otto Orf was a class act at that event and you could tell he had no regrets playing here in Cleveland.


      • If only the Browns, Cavs and Indians players had the same respect for Cleveland that those of the Force and Crunch had. I know of many former Crunch and Force players who still live and work in the Cleveland area. Hector Marinaro still lives in Cleveland in fact he is the Head Men’s Soccer Coach at John Carroll. I just wish that this generation of Cleveland stars could learn from these great people of the past. Of course I’m a little biased I love the crunch! Also Otto Orf will always be my favorite goal keeper of all time! He is such a class act! Maybe he should teach a class to current Cleveland players how to act.

      • Bridget,

        Throughout this past entire Indians season, the only player who ever went over to sign autographs was……Jamey Carroll. Everytime I went to a game or saw one on television, he was the only player signing. I thought that was ridiculous considering how you could name numerous players from 1995-2001 who would consistently go over and sign. The Indians were in last place this past year and only one player was going out and signing autographs for the fans who still came out and supported them.

        You are correct that a lot of the old Force and Crunch players still live in Cleveland. Kai Haskivi (sp.) from the original Force still lives in Cleveland and you are right about Otto Orf being a class act! At that soccer convention I was talking about, Orf was really taking the time to talk to everyone (especially the kids) and even hosted the raffle! Mark Schulte is also a class act as well!

        Similar to the soccer players, a lot of the old hockey players from the original Cleveland Barons, Cleveland Crusaders, and Cleveland Lumberjacks still live in Cleveland and are really great guys to talk to! Wayne Muloin from the Cleveland Crusaders is a really nice guy as well as Perry Ganchar and Jock Callandar from the Cleveland Lumberjacks.


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