Game Four Fallout, More Browns fallout

Good Morning Sports Fans!

The New York Yankees took a 3-1 lead in the World Series last night with a 7-4 victory over the Phillies in Game Four. Yankees starter CC Sabathia looked uncomfortable out there but was able to get enough run support to pull himself through. The Phillies hitters were not as patient as they have been in the past and it showed with multiple strikeouts during key situations.

During the past few games, it seems as if the Yankees lineup starts coming alive during the fifth inning. Phillies pitchers Cole Hamels and Joe Blanton both started to get knocked around during the fifth inning of their respective games and were not able to recover as a result of it. When Cliff Lee pitched, however, the Yankees could not get the momentum swing they needed to take over the game like they have done in Games 3 and 4. Whenever anyone gives the Yankees an opportunity to put multiple men on base, they can be a very dangerous team.

Tonight, the Phillies will have Cliff Lee on the mound against Yankees starter AJ Burnett. Lee, who sat out Game 4 so that he would not have to pitch on three days rest, struck out ten Yankees hitters in Game 1. Burnett has often looked uncomfortable out there but managed to get the win in Game 2.

During last night’s contest, questions were raised as to whether or not Cliff Lee should have started Game 4 instead of Joe Blanton. Lee has not had much experience pitching on three days rest and many people are questioning the move to have him sit instead of start. The World Series is on the line tonight and the Phillies have their best chance of sending this back to New York with Lee on the mound. Lee usually pitches eight to nine innings per game, can shut down any lineup and will have the Philly crowd backing him from start to finish. Had the Phillies used him last night, there is no telling whether or not he would have been able to go the full eight or nine innings and the Phillies need him now with the Series at the Yankees grasp.

Moving from the baseball diamond to a sore subject, pressure is now starting to mount on Browns owner Randy Lerner. Years ago, Lerner inherited the team after his father, Al Lerner, passed away and has been considered to be a mediocre owner. Randy Lerner has not really put a definitive plan in place for the franchise, has gone through many different coaches and GMs and is taking even more criticism now for hiring current Head Coach Eric Mangini (who had a losing record with the Jets) and a transparent General Manager in George Kokinas.

There is no doubt that Lerner is a busy man with all of his business interests but he clearly has no idea how to run an NFL franchise nor does it seem like he is really putting in the time to do so. With bad draft picks through the years, a revolving door of coaches and frustrated fans at his toes, Lerner may be better off selling or handing off the team to someone who is willing to put more time and research into the hiring decisions. Whatever plan Lerner has, it’s not working and he needs to find someway to turn this around.

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