World Series Game 3, Monster Win, Cavs even it up and Browns Preview…

Good Morning Sports Fans!

Halloween is typically a day for ghosts and goblins but yesterday’s holiday was filled with plenty of sporting events. With the holiday falling on a Saturday, there were many different sports from high school to the professional level going on.

Starting off with Game 3 of the World Series, the New York Yankees officially took a 2-1 lead in the series last night with an 8-5 victory over the Phillies. Even though the Phillies started off strong with a 3-0 lead, the Yankees lineup started to settle down and took the lead in the fifth inning. It was clear early on in the ballgame that the Phillies lineup was being patient with Yankees pitcher Andy Petitte, however, Petitte was able to settle down while Phillies starter Cole Hamels was rocked out of the game in the fifth inning. This game proves that you can never fully count out the Yankees no matter how far ahead you are in the ball game.

One key moment in the ball game that seemed to give the Yankees confidence was when Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez homered to cut the Phillies lead to within one. The umpires actually had to use the video replay rules to award Rodriguez the home run and that seemed to shift the momentum at that point. The umpires in this series and the playoffs have made many questionable calls so it was no surprise they decided to use the video system to determine whether or not it was a home run. Most of the replays did show that it hit the camera, which made it a home run.

It has been announced that the Yankees will start CC Sabathia for Game 4 on only three days rest. Sabathia had a mediocre outing in Game 1 but it’s very rare the former Cy Young Award Winner has two bad starts in a row. The Philly boo birds will be out and Sabathia will be able to bat (which is something he likes to do) under National League rules. The Phillies will have to be patient with Sabathia as they were in Game 1 of the series and wait for a pitch right down the middle.

Moving from the baseball diamond to the ice, the Lake Erie Monsters finished off the Peoria Riverman yesterday with a 4-1. The crowd was a little light for a matinee but the Monsters really started to take control of the game in the second period. The Monsters struck first with a goal by David Marshall in the second period and then increased the lead to two off a slapshot goal from Brian Fahey. Those goals plus a fight between Monsters newcomer Patrick Bordeleau and former Monsters enforcer Mitch Love woke up the Quicken Loans Arena crowd during the second period. By the third period, the crowd was really into it and Peoria played as if they had given up for the day.

It’s early on in the season but it seems as if the Monsters players are finally learning the system and more cohesive on the lines. Starting in the second period yesterday, the Monsters were pushing the puck down the ice and getting a lot of key scoring chances. By the time the third period game, they were getting in the face of the Peoria goaltender and really putting the pressure on. Peoria outshot the Monsters and Monster goaltender Tyler Weiman played extremely well but the Monsters offense capitalized when they needed to.

Later on that night in Quicken Loans Arena, the Cavaliers improved to a 2-2 record as they defeated the Charlotte Bobcats by a 90-79 score. The Cavaliers had slow parts to their game last night but were able to make comebacks when necessary. The Cavaliers activated Delonte West before the ball game and the troubled guard responded with 13 points.

The Cavaliers still need a little bit of work but seem to be on the right path at the moment. With a training camp filled with off court troubles and the flu bug in the locker room, it was difficult for the Cavaliers players to learn the system and how to play with one another. Now that all of the cast members are back, the Cavaliers should start playing more cohesive from here on out and should be off to what should be a good season.

Moving from the NBA to NFL action, the Browns travel to the Windy City today to take on the Chicago Bears. The Bears have struggled this season but their offense can do something the Browns offense doesn’t do that often; put the ball in the endzone. The Bears defense has been spotty at times so the Browns will need to hit receivers at key moments and have better play calling then they have in the previous weeks. Derek Anderson cannot have a week like he had against the Packers (he wouldn’t have been able to hit the toilet that day even if he was sitting on it) and needs to hit his targets.

On the defensive side of the football, the Browns will have to figure out how to contain Bears wide receiver Devin Hester and control that secondary. Bears Quarterback Jay “Crybaby” Cutler is struggling this season, however, the Browns have had a tendency to struggle defending passes that come to midfield. Hester is speedy and runs slant and post patterns very well and it will be a long day for the Browns if they are not careful.

That’s it for now. Keep it real.




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