Game One Highlights, Cavs, Blue Jackets and Penguins

Good Morning Sports Fans!

The 2009 World Series officially started last night as the Philadelphia Phillies took Game One with a 6-1 victory over the New York Yankees. Phillies starting pitcher pitched a complete game with 10 strikeouts while Yankees starting pitcher CC Sabathia lasted seven innings and gave up two home runs via Chase Utley. In a battle of two past AL Cy Young Award Winners, Cliff Lee looked more relaxed and was able to keep the Yankees lineup quiet.

When Sabathia was on the mound, it seemed as if the Phillies hitters were patient up at the plate and were waiting for specific pitches. When Sabathia gets behind, he does have a tendency to give up lots of hits and the Phillies lineup (especially Chase Utley) seemed to know which pitch was coming next. Sabathia tried fooling the Phillies hitters with lots of breaking balls but everyone in the Phillies batting order wasn’t falling for it.

Game Two tonight will feature Pedro Martinez starting for the Phillies and AJ Burnett on the mound for the Yankees. Pedro has been good in his past several starts with the Phillies and after having to play for the Red Sox and the Mets, he should be comfortable on the mound tonight. AJ Burnett had a rough outing against the Angels in the ALCS, however, it’s rare for him to have two bad starts in a row. The Yankees lineup also has a short term memory and will be looking to even the series up tonight.

Moving from the baseball diamond to the basketball courts, the Cleveland Cavaliers are 0-2 as they dropped another game last night to the Toronto Raptors. It’s very early on in the season but it seems as if the Cavaliers are still trying to figure out how to play as a team. Coming off a regular season like they had last year is no easy task but the Cavaliers offense seems disoriented and disorganized out on the court. Many of the Cavs players missed the preseason with the flu and the effects of not having that playing time can been seen here in the last couple of games.

From the hardwood to the ice, the Columbus Blue Jackets lost a 4-1 decision to the Phoenix Coyotes last night. The Jackets are still in second place but losing to a team that is struggling on and off the ice will not help the Jackets out in the long run. With Chicago leading their division at the moment and St. Louis improving, the Jackets cannot afford to lose too many games to struggling teams. With the Red Wings off to a slow start, the Jackets have a great opportunity to pull ahead early on and force everyone else in the division to play catch up.

In other matchups last night, the Pittsburgh Penguins became the first team this season to earn ten wins as Sydney Crosby had a hat trick to defeat the Montreal Canadiens 6-1. The Penguins have not lost the flair they had during last season’s playoff run and Head Coach Dan Bylesma has proven to be the right coach for the team. Bylesma, who was an interim head coach going into the playoffs last season, has done a terrific job utilizing the talent available to him and having the Penguins play to their potential. Previous Head Coach Michell Therrien was often brutal to the players and as a result, the Penguins played inconsistently at key times. Bylesma has proven he can succeed at the NHL level and has been a good fit for the Penguins.


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~ by jeffrsabo on October 29, 2009.

2 Responses to “Game One Highlights, Cavs, Blue Jackets and Penguins”

  1. When the Phillies win the World Series this year the Cliff Lee trade will go down as the best trade in Phillies history. Did you see the graphic that Fox put on the screen about CC and Cliff both former Indians…it said alteast you still have Lebron. It made me want to cry. We other good players in Cleveland. Give Cleveland some credit.

    • Bridget,

      I was disappointed by Joe Buck’s comments as well. I thought that was a shot at the city and unnecessary. The Indians are struggling now because their owners don’t want to put money into the team while the Cavaliers are consistently putting money into the team to try and win a championship.


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