A Day of Instant Classics, Bye Bye Quinn?

Good Morning Sports Fans!

Yesterday saw two classic NLCS and ALCS games as the Angels defeated the Yankees 5-4 in 11 innings and the Phillies came from behind to top the Dodgers 5-4 in Game 4 of that series. Both games were instant classics in their own right and will be remembered for a long time.

Starting off with the Yankees and the Angels, it looked like the Yankees were going to take the game again as it approached the fifth inning. New York’s lineup was hitting the ball as usual and ace pitcher Andy Pettite seemed to be in control of the ball game. When I got home and turned the game on at that time, the Angels seemed lost at that time and couldn’t find their momentum.

After Vladimeer Guerrero homered in the sixth inning, the Angels became the team we have seen all season long. They started hitting the baseball by lighting up the Yankees bullpen and eventually tied the game to send it to extra innings. This shows that the Angels were not willing to give up easily, especially in front of a home crowd that was still into the game even in the later innings.

The Angels would eventually win off a Jeff Mathis double to center field. Even after having to go through Mariano Rivera in the 10th inning, the Angels were still able to rally and win Game 3 of the series.

The Angels will be fired up for Game 4 today but the Yankees will not forget about yesterday. With a lineup of veterans hungry for another championship, they will come out swinging and swinging hard today. CC Sabathia will be taking the mound in his home state of California and he’s proven he can be dangerous even on three days rest.

Moving to the National League, despite being down at certain points of the ball game, the Phillies stunned the Dodgers again with a 5-4 win in Game 4 of the series. The Dodgers looked more fired up then usual going into the ball game but the Phillies showed how talented they are by rallying in the later innings to tie and win the game.

The Dodgers are a talented team but are in a deep 3-1 hole right now going into Game 5. Last night was a great opportunity to even the series out again but pitching again proved to be key in this series. Dodgers starter Randy Wolf seemed to be in control for most of his outing but the Dodgers bullpen continued to give up hits and runs to the Phillies. Game 5 is in Philadelphia and the Phillies will not want to go back to LA to clinch the series.

While meandering the Internet this morning, I came across an article about Joe Torre being considered overrated in terms of a good manager. Torre has had his struggles trying to get the Dodgers into the World Series but the article and assessment seemed inaccurate based off his managing experience. Torre did struggle when managing the St. Louis Cardinals but there is no question he was a key part during the Yankees glory years of the 1990s and early 2000s. Torre was able to get a group of young Yankee players that were developed through the system and play as one cohesive unit for close to a decade. In just two seasons with the Dodgers, Torre has made the Dodgers competitive again and contenders for the National League Championship. The Dodgers have played to their full potential for most of the season and had one of the best records in the National League. With Manny Ramirez out earlier this season due to a suspension, Torre still found a way to win. Torre is talented and has proven he can put together a winning ball club.

Today is the NFL trade deadline and rumors are circling around Browns Quarterback Brady Quinn. After Derek Anderson took the starting position, Quinn has been on the bench and has not been given another opportunity to play. With his Avon house up for sale and his lack of communication with Head Coach Eric Mangini, it would not be surprising for Quinn to get traded today. The Browns could probably get more for him once the season is done but the team seems to be looking for immediate solutions at this point.

In addition to Quinn, Joshua Cribbs has also been rumored to be on the trading block as well. Getting rid of Cribbs would be a dumb move both on and off the field. Cribbs, who was promised an extension he has not received yet, not only contributes on the field but is very active in the community and does well with his own Fox Sports Net TV show. Trading Cribbs would be a public relations nightmare for the Browns who are at risk of not selling out several games this season.

It’s understandable that Cribbs is unhappy with owner Randy Lerner for not granting him his extension and more money. Cribbs shows up, plays well and has been a key part of this football team. Cribbs works hard, represents the Browns well in the community and deserves that money and a longer term contract. Cribbs will be valuable almost anywhere he goes and the Browns cannot oversee that.

That’s it for now. Keep it real.



~ by jeffrsabo on October 20, 2009.

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