Buckeyes and Notre Dame thoughts, preview of the Browns and Steelers

Good Evening/Good Morning (Depending when you are reading this) Sports Fans!

Going into Saturday’s game, the Buckeyes knew that Purdue had dropped some close contests and has struggled a bit at certain times. With that in mind, Ohio State would seem to have been prepared to take on the Boilermakers in a Big Ten matchup. While watching the game, it became apparent that the Buckeyes did not bring what they needed to the table to win this matchup.

Purdue was able to wear down the defense for most of the game and took the momentum and the lead with multiple field goals. Ohio State’s offense seemed stagnant throughout the entire game and turned the ball over at crucial moments. Turnovers, not being able to connect with receivers and an overall poor performance on offense made it difficult for Ohio State to keep up with the Boilermakers.

There is no doubt that Ohio State quarterback Terelle Pryor has athletic talent, however, a lot of bad passes on his part led to turnovers and the Buckeyes inability to put together a consistent drive. Pryor has led the Buckeyes to multiple victories but still has a bad habit of playing inconsistently and throwing interceptions. Even during the game against Indiana, Pryor put drives together but still turned the ball over three times. With Michigan still on the schedule, this will be a concern for the Buckeyes coaching staff.

Moving from the Big Ten to a historic rivalry, USC ends up knocking off Notre Dame 34-27 in South Bend. USC led for a good portion of the ball game, however, Notre Dame still showed their no quit attitude towards a losing situation. Jimmy Clausen and the rest of the offense were able to put drives together when needed and helped provide an exciting finish to the end. Notre Dame showed their talent by cutting the deficit to seven points and getting the ball on the two yard line with seconds left to play. The Irish were not able to tie it up at that moment but not many teams these days can take USC down to the wire.

From a historic collegiate matchup to one of the NFL’s oldest rivalries, the Cleveland Browns will roll into Heinz field on Sunday to take on the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Browns are coming off their first win of the season last week but they will need a much better performance to keep up with the Steelers.The Browns performance last week did result in a victory, however, they will have to play at a much higher level to compete with the Steelers.

There is no doubt the Steelers are a great team and the Browns will be in for a challenge on Sunday. On the field, the Browns will have to go head to head with the Steelers defense and the return of Troy Polamalu to the line up. With how predictable the Browns offense is, both Head Coach Eric Mangini and Offensive Coordinator Brian Daboll better have some creative ideas in mind to fool the Steelers defense. On the offensive side of the football, Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has proven that he can wear down any defense and has multiple targets on the field.

If you are a member of the Browns, you have to realize that the Steelers are a dangerous team and cannot be taken lightly. The Steelers have the ability to pick anyone apart very quickly in the game. If the Browns offense does not take what will be a loud Heinz Field crowd out of the game early on, it will be a long Sunday afternoon.

That’s it for now. Keep it real.



~ by jeffrsabo on October 18, 2009.

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