Blue Jackets in First Place, Monsters Thoughts and Brady Quinn on the block?

Good Morning Sports Fans!

Looking at the NHL standings this morning led to a pleasant discovery; the Columbus Blue Jackets are in first place! After trailing the Red Wings for many years in the standings, the team has reached the accomplishment of first place thanks to the help of great team building by current General Manager Scott Howson and Head Coach Ken Hitchcock. The team is solid and has come a long way since the Doug McLean era.

When looking at the past, there is no question the Blue Jackets made some bad draft picks and trades when Doug McLean was the General Manager. Nikolai Zherdev showed potential at times but his bad attitude and anti-social attitude towards his teammates, the front office and the community made it difficult to be around him. It was known in some circles that former forward Sergei Federov didn’t like Columbus because he wasn’t embraced as a superior being like he was in Detroit and goaltender Marc Denis never lived up to expectations. Denis was last seen with the AHL’s Hamilton Bulldogs and like many of McLean’s draft picks and trades, did not show much chance of succeeding in the NHL.

General Manager Scott Howson has worked well with Ken Hitchcock to build this team. Howson is aware of what Hitchcock needs in his system and has crafted some clever trades to fill those needs. As a result of this collaboration, the Jackets have lived up to expectations and deserve to be in first place.

Moving to the minor leagues, the Lake Erie Monsters dropped their second game at home last night as they fell 4-1 to the San Antonio Rampage. The Rampage have had a good team for a while and flustered the Monsters easily by taking a 2-0 lead in the first period. The Monsters still look like they are learning how to play with each other and it shows at times when they play.

Even though the Monsters had two preseason games, they are still learning how to play with one another. Most preseason game in the minor leagues are just an opportunity for young players trying out for the team to have another opportunity to showcase their abilities and talents. As a result, many of the starting players on the roster don’t play and don’t get the experience of learning the system with each other. It seems odd but the reality is that the players really don’t get to start playing with one another until the regular season begins.

Moving to the NFL, rumors have been circulating that Browns Quarterback Brady Quinn could be traded by the October 20th deadline. Quinn, who has been benched for a couple weeks now, struggled in his first three starts of the season and was replaced by Derek Anderson. Anderson has led the Browns to their first victory of the season and took a tough Bengals team to the final seconds of overtime.

Ever since his benching, there has been questions as to whether or not Quinn will really get playing time again in Cleveland. Anderson has proven to be able to lead the team in certain situations while Quinn struggled to get the team past the 50 yard line. Quinn, who has been known to be self-centered in high school, college and at the professional level (even before he threw an NFL pass), may have seen his last days as a member of the Cleveland Browns as a result of his poor performance. In most pro sports, there is a theory that a team owes certain players an opportunity to play whether its for their own team or someone else who can give them more playing time. Seeing that Quinn will probably not receive much more playing time here in Cleveland, it would come to no surprise if we traded him for what the Browns need.

Finding a team other then the New York Jets to take Quinn may be a bit of a challenge. The Oakland Raiders have struggled with their current quarterbacks but moving Quinn over to Al Davis may not be the smartest move. The Raiders have struggled this season and really don’t have much to offer the Browns in return. In other words, the Browns would not be able to get what they need from Oakland. The Philadelphia Eagles currently have four quarterbacks on their roster (Michael Vick, Kevin Kolb, Jeff Garcia and Donovan McNabb) but it is highly unlikely the Browns would welcome Garcia back to the franchise after the trouble he caused a few seasons ago. Kolb would be a nice addition to the team but the Eagles would still have the problem of having four quarterbacks on the roster and not knowing what to do with them.

With the deadline looming, Quinn’s days in Cleveland could be numbered. Finding a team will be a challenge and seeing if Quinn can succeed will be another story.

That’s it for now. Keep it real.


~ by jeffrsabo on October 14, 2009.

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