Monsters thoughts and Browns Preview….

Good Morning Sports Fans!

Last night marked the beginning of the Lake Erie Monsters season at home. The crowd was good, active and into the game but the Monsters need a little bit of work on the ice.

During the first period, the Monsters seemed fired up and did a great job pushing the puck down the ice and getting quality scoring chances. After an unlucky break in which goaltender Tyler Weiman was caught out of position and allowed the Rockford Ice Hogs to score the first goal of the evening, it seemed as if the Monsters lost their motivation. Lake Erie was sluggish for the second period and for most of the third period and it showed by their lack of good scoring chances. Penalties also killed the Monsters as they were penalized 11 times in the contest for a total of 33 minutes.

The Monsters have proven in some of their early games that they can provide some offensive power but playing like this at home will not bring fans back for more games. The Monsters are in their third year of existence and have built up some good momentum in building their fan base. Getting shut out happens in hockey but having it happen too many times will drive fans away. The old Cleveland Lumberjacks saw that happen the one season in which they were affiliated with the Tampa Bay Lighting. To provide a little back history on the situation, the Lighting were dead last in the NHL at the time and the farm system was a mess. As a result, the Lumberjacks ended up with a lot of mediocre prospects and ended up losing by an average of four to five goals per game. I can’t think of one player from that Lumberjacks team that saw a cup of coffee in the NHL and the team had a pitiful record. My father was a season ticket holder at the time and was hesitant to renewing his ticket plan for the following year because of the constant blowouts. Seeing how attendance was down that year, I know my father was not the only one hesitant about purchasing more tickets for the future.

Moving to the NFL, the Browns will look for their first win of the season as they take on the Buffalo Bills at 1pm today. The Bills are currently 1-4 and free agent pickup Terrell Owens has been a disappointment so far. Owens has not had a lot of catches so far this season and his numbers are down. With how the Browns secondary has struggled at times this year, Owens can still be a threat. Every team the Browns have played this year has resorted to attacking our secondary very early on in the game and has taken an early lead as a result. For the Bills, utilizing this strategy could be a way for Owens to improve his numbers.

Yesterday, the Plain Dealer reported that Browns Defensive Coordinator Rex Ryan called out Bills quarterback Trent Edwards as being “no Carson Palmer.” While Edwards has not had the success of Palmer, calling out a player like that could really come back to haunt a team. The Browns are still looking for their first win of the season and calling out an opposing player like that before the game does not seem justified. Ryan has been known to be outspoken at times but setting yourself up is not something an 0-4 team that could have trouble selling out the next several games needs at this point.

Another point Ryan made was a claim that videos on YouTube have shown that the Bengals game winning field goal last week was wide to the right and did not go in. I have not looked for the video myself but found it odd Ryan seems to be the only one that has publicly made this claim. It is bizarre that instant replay rules do not allow field goals to be reviewed for accuracy but wonder why Ryan seems to be the only one that has “seen” this YouTube video. The NFL is covered by a variety of different sources and with so many different reporters looking for the next story, it seems odd that no one else besides Ryan has picked up on this. With that being said, it is difficult to believe his claim is true.

That’s enough for now. Keep it real.



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