Fanstastic Finish and more…

Good Morning Sports Fans!

Did anyone else see the one game playoff last night between the Minnesota Twins and the Detroit Tigers? I have to words to describe that game:

Instant Classic!

One of the reasons I love one game playoffs is that it usually becomes a great game and both teams are literally fighting for their seasons. Last night was no exception to that.

I didn’t start watching the game until around the 10th inning. I was doing some work on my computer when my dad alerted me that they were tied in the ninth inning. By the time I started watching, I could see why it was tied and that both teams were hungry to pull off a victory.

Not too long after I sat down to watch, it was apparent the Minnesota crowd was going to play a big role in the outcome of the game. The stands were packed just 24 hours after the Vikings won on Monday Night Football, the crowd was loud and determined to help the Twins pull off the victory. For the Tigers, this must have been an intimidating experience. The noise in the Metrodome was closed in and having a loud crowd in it was probably more distracting then usual.

Both teams were evenly matched and had numerous chances to take the lead. The Tigers loaded up the bases in the 12th inning but ended up leaving men on base as the last batter of the inning struck out. Minnesota was then able to get two men on in the bottom of the 12th which led to Alexi Cassilas’s game winning base hit. The crowd erupted like no other and the Twins were officially champions of the Central Division.

Another eye catching moment was what the Twins did after they won the game. Instead of heading straight to the locker room, the players jogged around the field and gave high fives to the fans in the first and second rows. Numerous NFL and NHL teams have done this but it’s rare MLB teams use that opportunity to thank the fans. MLB players sometimes have the reputation of being self-centered and not thanking the fans at certain times (on this year’s Cleveland Indians team, it seemed that the only player going out everyday to sign autographs was Jamey Carroll. Both times I was there or when watching the games on TV, it seemed like he was the only Indians player willing to sign autographs). The gesture to run around the field and thank the fans was great and all of those in attendance will have  reason to come back next season.

Is it fair the Twins have to play the Yankees today, less then 24 hours after they clinched? I don’t think so. I understand that the one game playoff may have been moved a day because of the Vikings on Monday Night Football but it seems unfair that the Yankees would get the advantage in this situation. The Twins have to play at Yankee Stadium and against a team that has had two days rest from the end of the regular season.

Until next time, keep it real.



~ by jeffrsabo on October 7, 2009.

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