Additional Browns thoughts….

Good Morning Sports Fans!

After posting my initial comments last night, a key point was brought to my attention in regards to the Browns decision to punt with 11 seconds left instead of going for the field goal. That decision sealed that the game was going into overtime and we all know what happened with the Browns during the extra session.

A couple of my readers last night brought up that by going for a field goal with 11 seconds left in the 4th quarter would have been a better decision and I agree with that. Yes, it would have been a 58 yard attempt but why give the ball away when we could try and put them away?

The Browns were with interim kicker Billy Cundiff, who apparently made a 62 yard field goal once in college according to the announcers yesterday. Cundiff, who had not played in years, has proven to be consistent and having him attempt a 58 yard field goal would not have been a bad option. If he would have made it, the Bengals would have gotten the ball back with seconds to go and the odds of them making a hail mary pass deep in their own territory were really slim. Instead, the Browns let the game go into overtime where it became anyone’s ball game.

I know Wayne Gretzky never played a down in the NFL but the Browns could’ve taken advice from one of his most famous sayings yesterday, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

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~ by jeffrsabo on October 5, 2009.

2 Responses to “Additional Browns thoughts….”

  1. Plus, Cundiff was KILLING his kicks all day. I’ve never seen extra points kicked with the power that he was putting behind the ball. Conditions were right, and he was clearly on his game with something to prove, I was appalled by not even giving him a chance. To be honest, the entire play calling of this years offense has been a joke. It’s lackluster and predictable. We do not have a running game outside the tackle with Lewis and when he’s not in we do not have a running game inside when he’s out of it… pass the ball dammit. I understand the old philosophy of run the ball, stop the run but it’s exhausting to watch. I will say however, that 80% of the time the defense has looked sharp. When they are good, they are very good. With time the mistakes will go away. The new D-Coordinator also looks like he would eat his first born. Which is probably what this team needs, some fire under their asses. Love reading Jeff, keep it up.

    • Cundiff has been proven to be a reliable kicker and not letting him go for that kick the one day was ridiculous!

      I do agree with you that the play calling has been awful. During the Buffalo game, it seemed like we always ran the ball for the first two plays on every possession. In an age where videotape is used to develop strategy, having an offense that is lackluster and predictable will not win you many games in the NFL. When you watch a team like the Miami Dolphins and how they switch in and out with the Wildcat, it is almost impossible for a defensive coordinator to know every tendency of that offense. With the Browns, it’s pretty apparent Lewis and some of the other backs are going to get the ball for at least 70% of the snaps.

      I also agree with you that the defense has looked sharp most of the time. During the Bengals game and Buffalo, the defense made stops at crucial moments. Other have pointed out to me that Defensive Coordinator Rex Ryan does have an odd appearance.

      Thanks for your kind words on the blog.


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