So Long Wedge, DA gets another start

It’s official now; Eric Wedge will be removed as Indians manager effective at the end of this season. The Indians announced just hours before their scheduled doubleheader with the White Sox that Wedge and his coaching staff will be dismissed at the end of what has been a dismal season.

Seeing how the team has played this year, this comes as no surprise to the fans, players or Indians officials. The team has had a horrific season bot on the field and at the gate. Not all of the blame needs to be placed on Wedge, however, he seems to lack emotion and drive to motivate his players.

Wedge’s managerial style is not prone to temper tantrums or blowups, however,  it was apparent that the players are not motivated to win or play hard. After watching Wedge for the past seven years, it’s apparent he rarely showed any emotion at all when the team made careless mistakes that are inexcusable at the Major League level. That plus mundane and poor strategies have caused the Indians to struggle.

Before Wedge was hired, the Indians decided to part ways with then manager Charlie Manuel claiming that he didn’t fit their long term plans. After seven years in which Manuel has helped build the Phillies into a National League contender and World Series champion, it is obvious that Mark Shapiro made a poor choice in letting Manuel go. During the first two years under Manuel, the Phillies finished short of a Wild Card playoff birth and were able to rebound to a division title in 2007 after a 4-11 start. 2008 saw another division title for Manuel and the Phillies and a World Series victory.

Wedge, on the other hand, has led the Indians to four fourth place finishes during his seven year run and only one trip to the post-season. Not all of the blame can be placed on Wedge but he seemed to struggle with using the talent he had on his roster at times.

With a struggling team and slow ticket sales, the Indians needed to make a move. Wedge showed no emotion during what has been a difficult and rough season. More moves are on the way in the future and Mark Shapiro will probably be on the hot seat next. When looking to make moves, Shapiro has opted to trade marquee players such as CC Sabathia and Cliff Lee for minor league prospects that are injury prone or lack the skills necessary to be a marquee Major League player. Sabathia was traded to the Milwaukee Brewers, who were contenders that year and had a roster full of young talented players, and Lee was traded to the Phillies, who also had lots of depth. Both trades could have resulted in bringing established marquee players to the Indians, however, Shapiro decided to trade for could be minor league players instead of established Major League players.

Moving to the NFL, the Browns announced today that Derek Anderson will start at quarterback when the team takes on the Cincinnati Bengals at 1pm. The decision was made after Brady Quinn has failed to help the offense score in its first three games. Anderson struggled against Baltimore but starting Quinn was clearly not working for the team. Anderson looked good in the preseason and was a hero a couple years ago when he replaced Charlie Frye after one game. The Bengals have proven they can win and Sunday’s game will be a big test for everyone in the Brown’s organization.

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~ by jeffrsabo on September 30, 2009.

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  1. To achieve success, professional sprots teams need the right owner. The doaln family fails to demonstrate teh passion and financial resources necessary to develop the INdians into a winning team. Winning brings fans to the ballpark

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